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Country town in terms of “emotional” everyday-life history: research approaches and problems (Krasnodar, 1920-s)
Rozhkov A. Yu. 1

1. Kuban State University


The article is devoted to methodological approaches towards the “new” urbanism of the everyday and the problems of using them in the research practice of historian, who studies everyday city in terms of the emotion. It is analyzed the possibilities of three well-known metaphors of the “new” urbanism employment in the historical works – “transitive”, “rhythm”, “footprints”. Conclusions are drawn about prospects and limitations of this approach in historical studies of everyday life emotional history of a provincial town in 1920-s mostly related to the informative capabilities of sources.

Keywords: 1920-s, country town, Krasnodar, urban space, “new” urbanism, everyday-life, emotional history.

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